imageHey guys, how have you all been? I hope you are all well and buzzing?
I have been very good, just the usual busy busy, with work and family but I’ll survive 🤗

So, on a very good note, it’s officially Spring. Yayyy!!!!

Yes, time for early days and late nights, in this part of the world I mean. It’s that time when it gets really bright at 6am in the mornings and gets dark at 7 pm at night, the kind of things we in the UK look forward to, it’s so exciting. The flowers are blooming now too.

But you know what? It’s even better in the summer. In the winter season it gets so dark very quickly and doesn’t get bright quickly in the mornings too. So it’s always dark almost all the time. Not good? Is it?

So looking on the bright side of the year, I am so happy for spring. Well there wouldn’t be Spring without winter right?

So, this look today is just a quirky one. “Leathering” it all up today. Still a bit cold so I have just paired my brown high waisted leather skirt from Zara with this beautiful fur detailed top in bright beautiful camel colour with my black leather jacket to give a completely edgy look. Finished it off with this black pumps.

This look is totally chic. The high waisted leather skirt is so comfortable, trendy and can easily be worn with anything to give a classy yet easy look and cool transformation. The fact that it’s leather makes it even more stylish because leather pants, skirts, jackets and shoes are durable and always on trend. Get your hands on any leather piece and you’ve got yourself a keeper that can literally transform any outfit.

I love a good leather piece, shoes,bags, just name it. It stands a taste of time. The best thing about a good leather is the fact that the older it gets, the more beautiful it becomes.
Talk about a good leather piece,durability, versatility and style is what I hear.
If you can’t afford real leather, go for leatherette. You can achieve the same gorgeous look with that too.

Like I said before, you don’t have to break the bank to look good. Use what you already have, it’s not a crime to wear what you already have. It’s all about how you pull it off not how many times you’ve worn it and besides,you will be surprised to find out that no one will notice.
Have a great week all. Love, Juliana xxx

Leather jacket- Barneys
Leather skirt – Zara


    1. Hey Cherry,aww, thank you so much, glad you love the top, the detailing is super cute, lace and fur. It really is striking. Thanks so much for your lovely comment. Hope to see more comments from you 😊.

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