Hi lovelies, hope your weekend was splendid? The weather here has been so great, bright,beautiful,sunny and I have been loving it.

I am absolutely enjoying it while it lasts and I simply can not complain.

Today, I am going colourful in this Clement Rebiero multicoloured check shirt.
This shirt says it all by doing all the talking hahahaha

The very first time I set eyes on this shirt, I was totally smitten, I love this shirt because it is comfortable, it is chic, classy, stylish, feminine and sexy. It can easily be styled into different looks.Pairing this shirt with a vintage high waisted mummy jeans in washed blue colour to give a fuss free outfit giving a fresh and classic look.

For a more stylish approach I have paired with this tasseled mango cross over sandals that has picked out some of the colours on the shirt and has carefully blended in giving a sophisticated look.To add a bit of an edge, I have added a silk scarf which further blends out some more colours from the shirt to my vintage chiltern satchel bag.

A super sized sunglasses to finish off this summer outfit. To say the least, accessories always add a zing and fun to even the most simple of outfits.

Notice that, by pairing such minimal style with great accessories, the whole outfit really pops give a daring look and finish.

Thanks for stopping by. Love Juliana Xxx


I am wearing
Shirt/ Clement Rebiero
Denim/ Easy (vintage)

14 thoughts on “Colourfully minimal Casual”

  1. Simply beautiful…
    A question Jullydynamicshe.
    Can accessories such as long earrings n necklace be worn on this outfit?
    Is casual usually without the earrings n necklaces. Please could you do something on weddings?

    1. Hello Emma, thank you so much for your comment. Yes, long ratings will be great with this look, I haven’t used a long one because my hair would’ve covered it. Necklaces will be great too, say a short necklace and a long one together with one more botton undone. A choker will be great too. I hope this is helpful. When you say do something on wedding, what exactly do you have in mind.

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