imageAdding some pop of colourimageimageimageHi lovelies, how have you been? How was your weekend? Hope you had a good one. Today, I am playing around with the double breasted jacket and coat.imageimageThe double breasted blazer/dress or jacket has made a mega come back in the last few months. It used to be the trend back in the 80’s with the power shoulder pads, but made the major break Sometime last year, when it got even the ladies wearing it.
The beauty of the doubled breasted blazer is that it is overly vasatile which I must say makes it a must have for every season and also a must have in every wardrobe. The double breasted blazer has warmed its way even into the hearts of every one in the fashion industry, it is quickly becoming a street style staple. Permit me to say that I think i can relate it to an obsession, every one is wearing it, from the double breasted vest to the blazer and down to the double breasted jacket. In fact, I think, it’s a “necessary evil” because it adds so much transformation to the simplest easy outfit, like a shirt and jeans, any basic outfit is no longer basic when you add a double breasted blazer to it.The double breasted blazer can also can be worn as a dress or as a jacket depending on the look you are after really.
But finding the right fit is the key to a great modern look.
So today, I am wearing a double breasted blazer as a dress, adding a men’s vibe to it by wearing a shirt and a tie and giving it a corporate look which means it can easily be worn to the office or to a formal event.
Doubling up with another double breasted jacket in the same colour gives a layered look and also because its freezing cold. Why freeze when you can layer a jacket over your blazer. 😊😊

Double breasted blazer: custom made
Double breasted cost: Custom made
Stripped shirt. : TM Lewin
Tie. : Men’s
Shoes. : F and F

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    1. Hi kanwa, sorry I am replying now. I honestly thought I have replied to this beautiful comment of yours. My apologies. I do love the double breasted too. I think it’s going to stick around for a while if you agree with me.

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