Ever wondered why retro styles are back in circulation? and actually making waves in the fashion industry? I might not have the right answers myself but I am so loving the Retro feel in the recent fashion trends.

Come to think of it, in the past few weeks or months, retro styles have made their way back into the fashion scene and onto the streets of the biggest fashion cities, either revamped or worn with a modern twist.


One thing I have come to understand about vintage items is that, most of them are rare pieces, not really cheap I know 😊😊 but you stand out in them and believe it or not you definitely look elegant in them too.

So, Going retro today in very “secretary” ish” look, but oh well, it’s a colour revolution and that’s because we all love colours…
Thank you for your time. Xxx.

I am wearing

Pussy bow  shirt/ thrifted

Pleated skirt/ thrifted

Elastic belt/ Tkmaxx

Handbag/Dune London


Blazer/ st Micheals




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