Hi beautiful people, how are you all doing? I hope you had a fantastic weekend and a great start to your week?

I am so happy for Spring, the flowers blooming, some sunshine and happy for life. There is always something to be thankful for no matter what you are going through or where you are right now.

So my weekend was really busy, I am always busy all the time, being a mum of three and having to joggle my regular job and also blogging is not easy, but I have managed well enough. Thank God for that.

So, today I am pulling off this corporate or rather business look. It’s super comfortable and absolutely chic. image

A business look I think really should involve those two qualities. Comfortable because, it’s a busy time of the day and you’re definitely going to be running one or two errands, moving from office to office. image

With that in mind a pair of loose fitting pants will do the job. Paired here with a white shirt which is a wardrobe necessity and then topping it with this jumper. You can wear with a waist coat for a more corporate effect. image


I have finished the look with a pair of leopard print slip on trainers for the most comfortable office look and a fun twist to the usual corporate look. If you are always busy at work then those slip on trainers are your best bet, because you won’t want to be strutting about in uncomfortable shoes, think about that.

Chic is the next quality you should aim for, talk about having lunch with colleagues and you’ve got the right outfit. You can use a hand bag or a back pack for your laptop. This look can easily be transformed from a day look to a night time look, just pair with a nice lace up sandals, a sequenced blazer jacket, a pretty neck piece and “ta-day” you are off to the party. Either way just be you. image

See you again soon. Juliana xx

White shirt- Next
Pants- South
Jumper- Hyphen
Jacket- Pretty little things
Slip on trainers- Matalan
Cross body bag- Top shop

11 thoughts on “Look The Business”

    1. Hi Nike, I am happy you love the look, just thought for a busy day at the office this look will be appropriate. Thanks for visiting my blog today. See you again soon.

    1. Hi Ada, Wow, I am so happy you love this look. For what to wear for a pre wedding shot, I will send you an email now. Thanks for stopping by today. Hope to see you soon

    1. Hi Bola, thank you so much, I am glad you love the contrast with the animal print. I thought to give it a different look instead of the usual colour to contrast the black and white.

    2. Hi Bola, thank you so so much for the beautiful comment, I am glad you love this outfit. Thank you so much for visiting my blog, that means a lot.

  1. How i wish there is something for men to admire here. Lolz but its all good and you look superb.

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