EC249905-5D3F-47DE-B99F-CCAF6F8096066D30607B-AF1D-47D8-A3D9-A82D20C7E1296BEE210E-685E-4E1F-9F2E-293C1B861871Hi beautiful people, hope you are all doing great? How was your weekend and how was your Mother’s Day celebration? Hope you celebrated your mum? If you are a mum, hope you were celebrated?


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ACF9E572-4BC1-43CD-A14A-598F3D4990A05178E7DE-38B9-4522-BAE2-D6DBB66D95655B1CFD76-5730-4194-A78F-6AA250D643457D77CF37-6D60-4E96-8C8D-F330DE1F49E8I recieved a little flower pot with a plant in it, and the most amazing note on it.. how cute 😊

This post is dedicated to my beautiful mother and to all mothers around the world. It’s not easy beign s mum.

Being a mum is not easy but it is a privilege. To be selfless, strong, brave and be beautiful at the same time. Strong even when on the inside you feel weak. Being a mum keeps you standing even when your legs seem like they cannot carry you anymore, endure sleepless nights and still come out in the morning looking like you had all the sleep in the world. I am glad to be graced and privileged to be a mum. We may never know how strong we are until you become a mum. I salute my Wonderful Mum for her strength that I have come to acknowledge and respect. To all you beautiful and strong mums out there, I salute you all. Let’s make the world a better place by the good works we do… Happy Mother’s Day Divas 🍾🍾🍾🍷🍷🍻Keep doing what you do. Let’s keep queening πŸ‘ΈπŸ‘ΈπŸ‘Έ

This look today is just what my mum would love, cover up everything πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ˜ƒ So mum this is for you… Love you so much, for all the wonderful things you taught me….

thank you for reading…


co-ord/ jaeger/vintage

shoes/ dune

bag /vintage

metsllic purse/ Jane shilton

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