Hi guys, how are we all doing today? I truly believe we are doing great. I apologise for my very long absence, this as you can see was just to make the website look better and some other things that needed more attention. but hey! I am back with a big bang..

Guess what, its already fall.

Because mixing prints has become one of my favourite part of styling, just by putting together patterns that look similar and by achieving a satisfactory look makes me really excited.

Pairing this Zara pants with this lovely detailed blazer with great detailing’s to the chest area and sleeves. This blazer or jacket is so fun and so unique. Had it for a while but never got to wear it. Finishing off the look with this black Zara pointy court shoes and a leopard print chiltern cross body bag.

do have a fabulous week guys and thanks for reading

Juliana xxx

I am wearing



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