Hi guys, how are you all doing? I believe yi all are doing great. I just want to say thank you for your comments on my last post, I really appreciate the love.. what are your thought on bright colours? Keep reading, and join the discussion..


If you live in this part of the world where the cold is gradually creeping in, you will know that a lot of people here believe that seasons like autumn and winter is made for dark coloured clothes but I choose to disagree.

Even though winter is that season when the weather looks gloomy and grey, I believe that should be the best time to where bright colours. A lot of people say what they wear is determined by how thy feel or what the weather looks like, in as much as I don’t disagree with the above theory’s, I am not also in agreement.

I for one think that autumn/winter should be the best time to wear bright, fun colours to add some colour t the gloomy winter days.. below are a few tips to choosing and wearing your colours with pride this season..

Tips to choosing your colour

  • choose your hue and wear top to toe for autumns boldest looks
  • opt for bright colours that are easy to wear and can make any outfit pop.
  • go for colours that your look a tough edge.
  • choose colours that makes you look sleek

so,I am sticking to the first point for  todays look. A case of go bold or go home!!!! thank you for stopping by today.

Juliana, xxx


Outfit details

turtle neck oversized cashmere jumper/ mens/ marks and spencer/ similar here

skirt/ marks and spencer/ sold out

sneakers /rocket dog/similar here

clutch bag/ zara/ sold out


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