Hello Everyone, hope your 2018 is looking and going great? Don’t worry, if it isn’t, try making it, stay positive and don’t forget, make affirmations of what you choose to see and believe me, they show up when you least expect 😁😁

So in today’s post, I am just writing about something I believe every lady has been faced with, don’t know if that sounds familiar to you.

You know when you purchase that one dress and you never get to wear it out at all, because it’s that unusual and you kind off don’t  know how to put it together (not that I have ever at any point not known how to put any item of clothing together)

So I finally stopped worrying ( like I don’t give a hoot what anyone thinks and rocked this dress so beautifully in more ways than one)….. please keep reading!!!

This dress, I purchased a while back right and finally today decided to wear it. I have layered this dress over another dress for a chic and conservative look and also worn it with a pair of diamanté denim for a more edgy look. Let me know which look you world rock and why…

Thank you so much for reading today and please leave your comments below.

Juliana xxx



Outfit details

Black netted dress/ simplybe

Black and white dress/Karen Millen

Diamanté denim/ available on request

Black Bag /Chanel

Black court shoe/ dune

Black court shoe/ Pleasers

Clutch Bag/




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Authentic outfit


hi Ngozi, Thank you so much for your comment, its nice to keep the looks original and very easy for everyone to kind of try out the looks in their own ways. this is only a guide.


Love the black dress.
Also love the look with the jeans.
Didn’t think it would go with jeans but you have proved it here. Well done girl. Keep the fire burning. More power to ur elbow.


Hello Vera, oh that means a great deal, thank you for your comment. I am glad that you love the way I have styled this dress, it all does show that we can only try to know how good it looks, I mean I had to take the risk to know.. I shall try more in the near future to see what we get out of it.. Have a great week.

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