Hi lovelies, how are you all doing? Hope you had a beautiful weekend. Hi mothers, I hope you had a wonderful day on Mother’s Day? What did you get up to? Hi, husbands and sons, did you do or get anything special for your wives and mothers?

Great. Because the role of a mother can never be over emphasised. Mothers are the carers, the givers, the lovers and the pillars in any home or marriage. Even when they feel not so strong, they just keep going. I am not saying this because I am a woman, but because I have a mother and I am now a mother so I have seen these things which I have listed above in my mum and now I see them in me and a few women I know one on one. I know now what it’s like, the joy of another being growing in you, the pain of childbirth, the sleepless nights, but it’s still worth it. image





imagePlease don’t get me wrong, for a home or marriage to work, of course it needs both parties to keep it standing. I am not arguing the part that the dads play. But I must admit, Mothers are tireless.

A few things that did not add up when I was growing up but now believe me, they all add up to one thing, that mums are simply Amazing.

So, before I deviate or get my self in trouble with the men and daddies. But men and daddies, we do appreciate your work too. Hahaha.

This look is such a chic, simple look that is super easy. I love this dress because it gives a beautiful silhouette to any body shape. Which makes it perfect for an office wear and can be dressed up or down. I love the bottom bit even more because it gives a pretty much fun look and twist to this look. When I was much younger, I used to so love twirly dresses and skirts ( well, I think every girl loved that) loved the fact that I would have to twirl whenever I got the chance to. Years after, my little girl loves it too but she calls it a princess dress and that what she loves. I didn’t have any names to it back then. Lol

My fear with wearing these type of twirly dresses these days is the fact that if it is a windy day and it gets caught in the wind…. Oops!!! You know what. Hahaha

Another thing about this dress i love is the colour, it’s in between a red and a dark orange colour which was what really caught my eyes.

Since spring is around the corner, I thought I’d add a little bit more colours to make the outfit pop.

So I have paired with a yellow clutch, a thin braided belt in an absolutely stunning green colour that coincidentally matches my sandals and then topping it up with this navy blue coat to seal the deal…

I hope you can play around with colours too as spring approaches and just let me know how you get on. Please don’t be shy to leave a message or comment so we can catch up. Thanks for stopping by today. Have a wonderful week ahead. Bye now.
Love Juliana.

Dress ; Marks and spencer
Shoes ; Love moschino
Coat ; United colours of Benetton
Belt ; Old.
Necklace & bangle; Old
Watch ; folie folie
Clutch; old

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