Hi lovelies,
Nice to see you here , welcome to my blog, My very first ever write up on this blog. Yay!! I am so so excited to be actually doing this. For real, wow!! I am so beside my self with excitement right now. I have always wanted to do this. To be honest there are quite a few things that I really would have loved doing more but haven’t been able to. This is one of them and I am glad I finally have the opportunity to actually start this. Well, I love to write and I love fashion.So I just thought to my self why not put it together and so here I am. I do not really know where to start, what to expect but I know I am not going to be boring at all, and I won’t take this for granted. It might take me a while to fit this into my some what busy life but hey!! there is always a way.
So, I am a lover of fashion, Oops! Have I said that before? Well,ehm, growing up I remember I used to Pick up excess fabrics my mum had cut out when seeing to tie round my head and waist. I used to do a little fashion parade for my mum to watch, (my mum did a little bit of sewing sometimes) just as a hobby) I remember playing dress ups with my sisters,of course I was dressing them up and spinning them round in front of the mirror. Thinking out loudly to myself, “this doesn’t go with this, ah ha! This and that goes great together, put this on let’s see” I used to feel so proud of my self. A few times my dad had put together what he would be wearing to an occasion and asked my opinion on it, if it suited the occasion, if the colours went well together or what I thought about the whole assemble. I was much much younger then though, then I would express my thoughts on the outfit and explain why I didn’t like the ones I didn’t like. A few times I did change the entire look, sometimes I didn’t. It was so much fun doing that, and my dad would tell me how much compliments he got on my styled look. It was easy with my dad but it wasn’t that easy styling my mum who would never accept the outfits I chose for her. she would refuse to see reasons why I chose the ones I chose for her to wear unlike my dad. She would blatantly refuse to tie the big scarves that was and still is every woman’s wardrobe staple in the part of Africa where I am from. Well, I wouldn’t blame her, back in the day it was trendy to tie it so big that if anyone by chance sat behind you, he or she would miss out on all the action happening at the front. My mum was the type that just loved to go unnoticed in any occasion. Funny enough, that never worked out well for her as my dad is the exact opposite. He is a people’s person and is as stylish that you can’t help but notice him.
I have loved fashion for as long as I can remember and that has driven me to start this blog. To be a medium to express my self, my style and my technique or guideline in putting simple easy and yet chic outfits together.
Beign fashionable does not have to be expensive, boring or without character, you can look fashionable in anything and everything, on a tiny, slim and meagre budget. This can be achieved by putting together trendy and not so trendy pieces, designer and high street brands or even vintage/antique pieces to creat the perfect look for every occasion or an everyday look. knowing how to piece them together is very much important.
So, Come with me on this fun journey as we discover, learn and grow together. Please, don’t be shy to leave a comment on the column below, if you haven’t got a comment, just say hi so I know you visited. I am open to constructive criticism. Thank you once again for stopping by today, hope to see you soon. Tara for now.

15 thoughts on “Welcome to my Blog”

  1. Hi Sweet, am so happy for you, you are so right, it’s never too late to start a be plan. I pray that this will grow from glory to glory as it is already a success.

    1. Kay dear, Amen. Thanks you ever so much for this, I am encouraged and so inspired by your comment. Thanks a million. Have a wonderful week.

  2. Hi Juliana! So excited for you. It’s great to finally get down to something you’ve always wanted to do. You’re a natural. I’m sure this will flourish.

    1. Wow!!! Ezinne,Amen.thank you so much, it is great,i will do my best to make it the best that it can be. Thanks so much for the support.

  3. Fantastic work my dear!!!
    This can only go leaps and bounds!Truely is amazing.
    God’s uniqueness, excellence and glory will continue to manifest in you and flourish in you.
    Well Done!!
    Ps-I’ll make sure to recommend to friends and family as well👍

    1. Amen, Thank you so much Marikoroma for the lovely comment, I appreciate your kind words and your time. Wow! The recommendations will be much appreciated too. Thanks a great deal. Hope to see you again soon.

  4. Hi julliebest, so happy for you. Keep it up! Someday you will have your own signature for people to ride on😄.
    Ride on girl

    1. Hi Linda, thank you so much for your beautiful comment,I am so glad you are impressed. Thank you so much for stopping by. Hope to see you again soon

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